2. bombing:

    [swallows lit cigarette] it’s a metaphor

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  3. So far… my new job feels like I’m not really supposed to do anything except be there for when other people can’t figure out their own shit. I just scroll through my feedly or tumblr most of the time.

  4. plurdledgabbleblotchits:


    Some of you might be wondering what I have been listening to lately. 

    I think the most recent music I’ve been exploring is Maurice Ravel’s solo piano works. 

    Be open and give a listen the video above: it really takes you on a journey

    No doubt about it, much of what Ravel did was a big influence on Jazz guys like Bill Evans.



  6. leadingtone:

    Enjoying an awful litany of terrible thoughts on graduate school this frigid, blustery morning, including such specious favorites as:

    • I’m nowhere near good enough for graduate school
    • Is there really any point to graduate school
    • Is graduate school just a technocrat factory, because sometimes in looking around I sure do get that feeling
    • But in my field is there any possibility of job security without it
    • Or is that just a substitute for lack of resourcefulness
    • Uprooting and transplanting: disaster waiting to happen
    • Would I be happier just opening a coffee shop
    • Also I wish I were about 8 years younger

    That technocrat bullet is on point though…


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    how much do islands cost i want one

    Less than a college education


    what the fuck

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  10. mrcaptaincook:

    fossilized moroccan trilobites! :O

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